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    PSG Caddy
    Wood Burning • FurnacesPSG • PF01000 • Available

    The Cadillac of furnaces.

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    PSG Caddy EPA Wood Add-On
    Wood Burning • FurnacesPSG • PF01500 • Available

    If you already have a forced air central heating system that uses oil, gas, or electricity and you want the flexibility of using wood with it, the PSG Caddy Add-on is the ideal choice.

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    PSG Max Caddy
    Wood Burning • FurnacesPSG • PF01101 • Available

    The Max Caddy is the first furnace in the world which can be installed as a wood-oil-electric trio.

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    PSG Mini Caddy
    Wood Burning • FurnacesPSG • PF01300 • Available

    Making the most of your space.