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PSG Max Caddy

PF01101 • Available

The Max Caddy is the first furnace in the world which can be installed as a wood-oil-electric trio. It is an extra large, ingenious, clean-burning wood furnace.

As opposed to all conventional wood furnaces, the Max Caddy uses a PC board that allows the user to connect all four blower speeds. In other words, it is an intelligent furnace. With the logic built into our PC board, the furnace automatically selects the most appropriate blower speed in order to maintain the furnace’s plenum temperature at its best efficiency point.

This allows the homeowner to obtain heat even at the tail end of the combustion cycle because the furnace has the flexibility to run with the lowest blower speed available.

This would simply not be possible with a conventional wood furnace because it must be configured to operate with one single blower speed.

That speed is normally too powerful for low burn cycles because it cools off the unit’s firebox too much.

This exclusive Max Caddy feature not only results in better comfort, but it also extends the unit’s cycling intervals, leading to substantial fuel economies.

The Max Caddy has been designed using the latest CSA B415.1 Standard, the most advanced standard for testing emissions and efficiency of solid-fuel central heating systems.

The Max Caddy boasts an 82% efficiency and average emissions of 5.9 g/h ! The Max Caddy can be installed as a wood-only unit, a wood-electric combo, a wood-oil combo, or a wood-oil-electric trio ! Furthermore, this environmentally friendly furnace is designed to allow the installation of an electric element or an oil burner on both sides of the furnace, making the installation and maintenance more flexible.

Other options such as a hot water loop kit for pre-heating domestic water, a fresh air intake adapter, and a top cold air plenum kit make it one of the most versatile and ingenuous central heating systems on the market.